I will teach you how to remain in the NOW so that you are in
complete control of your tomorrow by being present in your Today.
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I will clear the mist and help you see clearly.
Want to create a line-up of trainers who can usher people in the wonderful world of NOW? Have you already made a mark for yourself helping hundreds of practitioners cut through the maze of zillions of physical and mental distractions so that they can tap into their real potential with pointed concentration? Now is the time to train the coaches and the teachers. Trainers, before they can guide the others, themselves need guidance on how to use the available tools and training methodologies. This course will enable you to gain enough confidence and mastery over your subject of being, and getting people, in the NOW and then further empower you to transfer this mastery to the other aspiring coaches and trainers.
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We are standing at the cusp of a civilizational change. The time to begin your journey is NOW. I will teach you how to take your mind away from thousands of distractions that stop you from reaching your potential and get down to business, literally.
Applicable techniques you can start using immediately. They have worked for hundreds of my students. They are also going to work for you. It is just a matter of knowing them and applying them under the guidance of a coach.
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