I will teach you how to remain in the NOW so that you are in
complete control of your tomorrow by being present in your Today.
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U in NOW
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I will clear the mist and help you see clearly.
The power of being “in the moment” has been recognized since the time immemorial. Whether you call it Nowing or staying in the moment, or being in the zone, or whatever else, it is this ability that enables great achievers like artists, sports persons and business leaders to achieve extraordinary feats.
The technique is difficult to master, though. It is either inbuilt or you need to work with an experienced coach to learn to tame the wild stallions of your mind, put the saddle of "U in NOW" on them and then ride them to your well-deserved destination. The great Yogis can do that. With the right help, so can you. I can teach you.
I have seen, and experienced firsthand, both ends of the spectrum – the coaching part and the business part. I have built multiple businesses over the past 30+ years. I have diligently compiled my observations into digestible bits of knowledge. I have failed. I have learned from my failures. I have triumphed through that learning.
Sanjay Aeron

Being in the NOW has played a big part in my success. Some of it I learned or acquired on my own, a lot of it I learned from renowned teachers. I'm at a stage where I can help you tap into the massive potential of your brain by quieting it and steering it into the zone where you can experience hyper- productivity.
My formal training on finances + business modeling skills & unmatched learning from each other and growing together is like a lifelong Mastermind Alliance.