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Business Coaching

12 weeks Master your business package

Get live access to the video interview recordings for lifetime! Listen, learn, and implement the tools, tips, and techniques whenever you need them. You get an unlimited access to the private membership area containing all the summit interviews.

Private Q&A 

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Still have questions after the summit that you need to be answered? Get the chance to have your questions answered. You get the opportunity to send your questions BEFORE the summit starts and AFTER the summit ends to get ahead of the crowd and receive answers customized to your needs! 

Training Materials And Workbooks

(Value: $597)

BONUS Training e-Books covering bullet-proof actionable strategies on how to Design YOUR unique path.  And follow along the conversations with the DIY Workbook! This workbook will turn the summit into an experiential workshop - follow along the speakers conversations to put your learnings into practice immediately.  This is for the note-taker in you who likes to follow along the conversations with a pen in hand!

Bonus 1

Premium SECRETS 
Exclusive Interviews

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Receive access to exclusive interviews! In the premium content, experts dive deep into the core concepts and lay out step-by-step actionable items for your put into practise the concepts you learn!

Bonus 2

Exclusive 'Thrive Tribe' Community

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Join a group of highly committed like minded individuals determined to create a successful life! The exclusive community is your tribe of action takers who believe in the power of 'doing' instead of just thinking.. Get access to exclusive community of future builders (like you)! 

Bonus 3

Listen WHEREVER! Downloadable MP3 + Private Podcast Feed

(Value: $497)

This is our biggest one yet! Receive access to a private podcast feed with downloadable MP3's of all the summit interviews so that you can listen and learn on the go. This is for the busy bee in you and the impatient action taker who cannot sit through the interviews! 

We Get It, You Want To Stand Out From The Crowd And Be More Than Just A Number...

University has a special way to make us feel like a number, stuck in a race with everyone trying to reach the same destination. Amongst all the aimless comparison, competition, and herd-mentality - all of us have felt lost. 

A meaningless job, major, or life can lead to empty definitions of happiness and success. Everything feels like it is not contributing towards a higher purpose and everyone else seems to have their passions picked out except for you... 

We know that you are unique, and so is your passion - even if you do not know what that is or what that looks like right now. This hands-on summit will help you discover your uniqueness but it required your full engagement and active participation in Creating the story of YOU.  

The only way to truly stand out from the crowd is not by finding the first job that you can get in your field, and then being stuck in a boring job that lacks any meaning or personal value to you. We have a more sustainable, long-lasting solution to success - a life plan that is meaningful to you and one that gets you excited in the morning. 

You could listen to the speakers talk once, and if you are anything like us you will probably get inspired to take action and transform your life COMPLETELY. But, as soon as 24 hours are up you forget all about what you learned, and you are back to your regular life... 

To prevent that from happening, you need to actively engage in creating a life of your dreams. We have created an EXCLUSIVE ALL ACCESS PASS to Blueprint for Life Summit with TONS of added benefits, and most of all - A lifetime access to the content

If You Want To Live The Present Moment To The Fullest

 while ensuring a successful future...

You have to actively create a life that works for YOU, not for your friends, not for your parents, not for the society.. 

But finding one that is truly meant to be lived by you. The only you can discover that life is by living a life authentic to your values, dreams, and vision. 

And that is exactly the purpose we are here to serve. To get you so charged up, that you want to live a life for YOURSELF

Working with your true nature is much simpler than working against it. And that is why we have collected the secrets to living a full life from industry experts and packaged them in the sweetest packaging to make it easy for you to transform and unlock your true potential. 

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